FVCF V-cone Flow meter

Product Overview

V-cone flow sensor is a new differential pressure type flow sensor that was put forward in the 1980s. It measures flow by using the throttling effect of V-cone body in the flow field and detectingthe upstream and downstream differential pressure. Compared with ordinary throttling device, it changes the throttling layout from the center hole throttling to ring throttling. Practice proves that V cone flow sensor has the advantage of long-term high accuracy, good stability, low affection of installation condition, high resistant abrasion, wide measuring range, small pressure loss, especially suitable for measuring dirty medium etc compared with normal differential pressure flow sensor. 

Unique Features:
Product adopts our independent R&D of ring take pressure and multipoint support two patent technology to improve measurement accuracy and operation reliability greatly.

 General Features:
  • High accuracy, can reach ±0.5%.
  • Wide diameter ranges of DN15~DN20000.
  • Suitable for high temperature medium ranges of -40~700℃, and high pressure ranges of 0~42MPa.
  • Wide turndown ratio, can reach10:1.
  •  Short straight pipe needed in installation: only 0~3D upstream and 0~1D downstream.
  • Wear resistance, no blockage, no adhesion, flexible install method, small pressure loss and long service life.\

Products are widely applied in measuring volumetric flow of gas, steam and coal gas in iron and steel, chemical, textile and heating industries etc.
 Measured Fluid: Steam, Gas, Liquid

Nominal Diameter: DN15~DN2000

Precision: ±0.5% (the accuracy of differential pressure flow transmitter shall be no less than 0.2%)

Repeatability: ±0.1%

Rated Pressure: ≤16MPa, Maximum≤42MPa

Working Temperature: -40~700℃

Ambient Temperature: -40~65℃

Wide Turndown Ratio: Generally 10:1

Low Pressure Loss: Pressure loss is 1/3~1/5 that of the orifice plate when the β value remains the same

Requirement of Straight Pipe: Straight pipe 0-3D upstream and 0-1D downstream, no straight tube is needed for square pipe V-cone flow transducer

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