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The most advanced calibration device phase 1 has been finished and put into operation

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The most advanced calibration device phase 1 has been finished and put into operation

Great congratulations on our calibration device been finished and put into operation, which is the most advanced and largest device in the country, we also have gas calibration and liquid calibration equipment, which is very rare among the national manufacturers. When calibration before leaving the workshop, we select different calibration device according to the medium to make sure that the customer can get the most accurate meter.



【Liquid calibration device】

At present, it is available for DN10~DN500, the maximum calibration ability can reach 3000 m3/h. the in building phase 2 is to measure DN500~DN2000, besides, it is expected to put into calibrate DN1000 in September, 2016 and in the middle of 2016 to start on the calibration of DN2000.
There are two measuring methods: comparison method of standard meter and static quality method. The first adopts 0.15% of standard meter, which is 3 times of conveying, 0.5% of accuracy; in addition, static quality method is applied for the 0.2% high-accuracy meter, and it is calibrated by the most advanced Mettler Toledo electronic scale 0.5T /3T/30T to ensure the accuracy of our device.


【Gas calibration device】

Gas calibration can be available for meter DN15~DN300, it is measured, designed and built with the negative - pressure method, which is the most popular now. Using the Critical Flow Sonic Nozzle as the standard meter, it is identified by the China Institute of metrology, rechecked each five years. The speed of measurement is fast, 30 seconds a point, 5 points to exchange a meter, one meter is finished within 5 minutes. We use automatic rack and automatic drag frame. There are 24 vortex pumps Equipped, once they are opened together, the power can be up to 180kw/h, the largest volume up to 7000m3/h.

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