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Turbine flowmeter maintenance

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Turbine flow meter in use process, to regular maintenance and maintenance to ensure the turbine flow meter of normal and accurate operation.

1, if it is newly bought turbine flow meter(within half year), eliminating flow meter itself problem, you can check surrounding environment whether is has strong magnetic field, whether the fluid is stable (rectifier is needed when it is unstable).

2, if it the turbine flow meter has been used more than half year or unclear and corrosive medium has been measured, the bearing can be worn, filter is needed in the upstream of the flow meter, internal impeller of the turbine flow meter need to be replaced.

Re-calibration is required, because flow meter repeatability can not be guaranteed after half a year.

3, uneven distribution of flow velocity and tube secondary flow presence is an important factor of influence turbine, so, to ensure that the straight section before and after, 20 d upstream, downstream 5 d, rectifier is needed to eliminate the secondary flow.

4, turbine flow meter has a higher demand for the purity of the fluid, filter before the flow meter is needed to guarantee fluid clean.

5, To ensure that fluid is single phase, getter apparatus is necessary in upstream of flowmeter.

There should be back pressure in the downstream of the flow meter. The back pressure can be twice of the pressure when there is max flow range passed the flow meter, or 1.2 times of the pressure when there is highest temperature existed.

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