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Radar level meter installation

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Radar level meter FDRD51 Typical Installation

l PTFE Rode type antenna is suitable for corrosive media, such as acids and alkalis; in food industry, sterile vessel required instruments which have small mounting size and do not have any chemical reaction on the media, FDRD51 is a good choice.

l Rode type antenna can directly be mounted on the top of the vessel for liquid measurement, the opening size is G1½”,DN50~DN150;Connection pipe should be less than 150mm. Note: PTFE Rode type antenna can bear small mechanical forces. If there is bending force on it, it will deform or break off.

Radar level meter FDRD 52 Typical Installation

l The place will emit the wave beam should be in the vessel, connection pipe should less than 150mm, flange size can be from DN50~DN250.

FDRD 53 Typical Installation

FDRD 53 Radar level meter Typical Installation

l Horn antenna should extend to the socket 10mm; otherwise antenna extension pipe is required.

l Horn antenna should be vertically mounted; radar beam should not be emitted to the wall of the vessel.

Radar level meter FDRD 53 Extension type or other type Installation

l Antenna Extension is required when the antenna is shorter than socket

l When the horn diameter is longer than socket diameter, including the antenna in the extension pipe need to be installed from inside the vessel and lift the level meter, the extension pipe should lift at least 100mm of the meter.

Special type Antenna Extension of Radar level meter

l Antenna Extension can be made into 150°,90°or “S” shape

Measuring the level through the plastic vessel wall:

l The dielectric constant of media should large than 10

l The highest level of the media should be 20cm lower than the top of the vessel

l The distance between the vessel top and horn should be longer than 100mm

l Bracket mounting is recommended for easy adjustment

l Adhering and frozen places is better to be avoided, the space between the horn and vessel should have some protection.

l The vessel material should have low dielectric constant, conductive plastic is forbidden.

l The horn is better DN250/10”

l Within the area where beam is covered, any interfering material is avoided.(for example :pipe)


Installation Instructions

l The radar level meter should be installed in the 1/4 or 1/6 of diameter of the storage tank; better 1/4

l Better distance is,min. distance between the radar level meter and vessel wall is 500mm;

l Not allowed to install above the material feeding silo;

l Can not installed in the center of the tank, if installed in the center, it will result in multiple echoes and affect the measuring effect.

l If the certain distance between the instrument and talk wall can not be guaranteed. The media on the tank wall may cling and result in false echoes. False echoes should be saved when adjusting the radar level meter.

Installation In the Tank

l Within the signal wave beam, avoid following materials to be installed: A: Limit switch, temperature sensor, etc. Symmetric position B, such as vacuum ring, heating coil, apron, etc.

l If there are A,B interference substances, apply guided wave tube for measurement.

Optimized installation options

l Antenna size: the bigger the antenna size is, the smaller the wave beam angle is, and the interruption wave echo will be weaker.

l Antenna adjustment: adjust antenna to the optimized measuring position.

l Guided wave tube: the guided wave tube is used to avoid interference wave echo.

Rod type Radar level meter Installation

l The radar antenna cannot be inclined towards tank wall.

l In order to minimize the influence of the temperature, place a spring gasket at the connection of the flanges.

l For rod type antenna, the installation short pipe must be extended outside.

Put the rod type antenna vertically; do not let the radar beam point towards the tank wall.


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