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Maintance of Magnetic Flowmeter Electrodes

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 Maintance of Magnetic Flowmeter Electrodes


In measuring instruments, the use of electromagnetic flowmeter is very extensive, it has greatly promoted the development of the industry of measurement.

Now in many fields electromagnetic flowmeters  are been widely used, we should pay attention to the proper use and maintenance of electromagnetic flowmeter, maintaining electromagnetic flowmeter electrodes.

1. Before using of electromagnetic flowmeter, standard PH solution need to be used to calibrate electromagnetic flowmeter.

After the calibration, we must clean the electrodes with distilled water, and then use measuring liquid cleaning again electrodes.

2. If you don't use electromagnetic flowmeter and take off electromagnetic flowmeter electrodes, do not let electrode pickup and hard collision, otherwise, as long as it will affect the use of electrodes.

3.After using electromagnetic flowmeters, we should put the electromagnetic flowmeter electrodes inside saturated solution, guarantee electrode ball bubble is wet, but remember do not put electrodes in distilled water.

4. Magnetic flow meter electrodes should be kept clean, don't let it appeared short circuit on both sides of output, otherwise it will make inaccurate measurement.

In fact, there are many methods to maintain electromagnetic flowmeter electrodes, everybody in use process should pay attention, don't because they a little carelessness caused electromagnetic flowmeter can't be used normally in the future.

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