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Gerneral Introduction of metal tube rotameters

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Gerneral Introduction of metal tube rotameters

Metal tube rotameters are widely used in measurement, small flow and micro flow can be used, measuring medium is commonly clean, not easy crystallization and solidification, small viscosity liquid and gas, steam, request medium velocity should be slow.

Metal tube rotameter installation requirements: metal tube rotameter cone tube must be installed vertically, do not tilt, level strict calibration should be used, and assembly shall be free of stress. flow direction of medium for vertical install rotor flow meter should be bottom-up, with the flow direction of medium of horizontal installation rotor flow meter should be the same as labeled direction.

For the convenience of use and overhauling, manifolds should be used.

remote transmission of Remote transmission type metal tube rotameter is to rely on magnetic and rotor coupled, if the medium contains small particles which is easy to be magnetic material adsorption , the rotor easy to be wear and plug, cause measurement inaccuracies or can't measurement, the magnetic filter is recommended to be used.

Metal tube rotameter revamping and non-use methods: A, before revamping flow meter, we should check whether it meets installation requirements, pipeline is blow wash clean, pressure test is completed;

B, after the revamping flow meter , it should take on measurement in the effective measurement range , when opening valves, we should prevent large flow impact rotor which may cause instrument damage;

C, when the flow meter is discontinuation, we should check whether the measuring element stain, whether rotor has iron filings, clean up flow components and rotor.

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