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General Description of LC Oval Gear Flowmeter

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LC Oval Gear flowmeters are used for the continuous and intermittent measuring and control of the pipeline liquid flow, which are typical of positive displacement meter, feature high accuracy, large viscosity range ,large flow range, low pressure loss, easy installation, and can measure high viscosity, high temperature liquids also they are easy to be calibrated

Type LC oval gear flow meters are fitted with on-site pointer indication and roller integration device which can indicate the liquid flow and intermittent flow passing through the pipeline. For the different liquids (acid, alkali, salt, organic solution etc.), the meters can be made of different materials (cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel etc.) . The meters are widely used for the flow measurement in the field of petroleum, chemical, chemical fibre, traffic, food industries and commerce, medical and sanitary departments.

Structure and Operation Principle of Oval Gear Flowmeter

Oval meter is generally comprised of a flow transducer and a counter mechanism. The main part of the transducer is a measuring chamber which consists of a pair of oval wheels and a sealing coupling. The counter mechanism contains speed reduction gears, adjusting device, counter, and pulse transmitter etc.

In the measuring chamber, a pair of oval wheels and cover plate make a crescent shape cavity which is used as a measuring unit of Oval Gear Flow meter .The oval wheels are rotated by the pressure difference in the inlet and outlet of the meter and drive the inlet liquid through the cavity to the outlet, each revolution of the oval wheels displaces fluid four time the volume of the cavity, the total revolutions of the oval wheels and the revolution rate will be transferred to the mechanical counter, and the total liquid volume and instantaneous flow will be known by the pointer display and the roller integration. The attached signal generator converts the rotary axial angular shift to the pulse signal and then transmits it to the electrical indicator for remote integrated flow and instantaneous flow indication and control.

Link to LC Oval Gear Flow meter Specification.

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