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Choosing Radar Level meter Considering Factors

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Choosing Radar Level meter Considering Factors

In Industrial level measurement, ultrasonic level meter and radar level meter are widely applied, as two kinds of mainstream instrument, 30 kinds of model have been developed, in order to meet the needs of different kinds of working condition. Choosing one correct instrument is very important.

So in the instrument selection, we judge according to what? Our purpose is to get a reflection wave from the measured material surface. At the same time does not exist other interference wave or interference wave is small. For this purpose the existence of two aspects effect. One is: the impact of environment in electromagnetic wave or ultrasonic transmission way. Second: measured material surface state on the influence of the reflected signal.

Then a little subdivision of these two effects.

Caused by environment factors are:

1, the influence of the obstacles.

If the instrument launch ultrasonic or electromagnetic wave come into contact with obstacles, then get a disturbance waveform. If can't choose other ideal location, choose beam Angle small instrument or the guided wave tube or bypass pipe installation form can solve a problem.

2, the influence of the communication media

(1) temperature

(2) pressure

(3) propagation medium corrosive

(4) propagation medium whether it contains steam or dust, etc

(5) environment volatile qualitative crystallization problems or dust adhesion problem.

Solve the above-mentioned problems, then we will guarantee, electromagnetic wave or ultrasonic no big attenuation when meeting measured material surface,. Through the measured material surface reflection, get an echo signal. The strength of the echo signal and measured material surface are related.

1, measured material dielectric constant or hardness

Dielectric constant affected the strength of the reflection of electromagnetic wave. The greater the dielectric constant, the stronger the echo. And the hardness is for the reflection of sound waves . Hardness is larger, the stronger the reflection of sound waves.

2, measured material the Angle of repose

3, measured material surface stability

4, the analyte granularity and loose degree

5, the analyte wetting degree

Pay attention to these problems in order to be able to choose an instrument, in measured material surface reflection, can get a can identify echo signal. Along with the wave transmission, reflection and transmission to the end of such a process, in which the problem are thoughtful, then instrument selection is completed.

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