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Advantages of Radar Level Meter

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Advantages of Radar Level Meter

In the liquid level meter, there are many types of measuring instruments, different measuring instrument and their characteristics are different, the use of field also different.

Radar level meter is a kind among them, the performance of this kind of liquid level gauge is very good, its use can have many advantages.

1. Radar level meter can be used in many applications. it can be used to measure the crude oil, coal, pulp, volatile liquid, etc.,

In addition, several installations of radar liquid level meter are also available it can be in different fields in the installation, debugging up is also very flexible.

2. Radar level meter can be used in vacuum measurement, its measuring medium dielectric basically more than 1.8, and the range of measurement can reach 35 meters.

Radar level meter installation is contact less installation, very convenient to install.

3. Radar level meter will not be affected by the surrounding environment such as noise, dust and the influence of vacuum, its measurement performance is very good, the accuracy of measurement is also very high.

Not only that, radar level meter is not are influenced by temperature and the influence of density, its measurement is very flexible, and very practical.

These are all radar level meter product features , radar level meter is a very practical measuring instrument.

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