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Battery powered Magnetic Flowmeter converter

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Battery powered Magnetic Flowmeter converter

FEF series Electromagnetic water meter converters are battery powered, capable of being used together with common Electromagnetic flow meters, with the flow rate measurement accuracy up to 0.5 level and 0.2 level. That is to say, a new type of products — Electromagnetic water meter series will be developed simply by connecting a FEF convertor to a common Electromagnetic flow meter.
The FEF Electromagnetic water meter converter is equipped with a lithium battery as its standard configuration, which can work over three consecutive years. If a high-capacity battery is equipped, the continuous working time will be much longer. The FEF electromagnetic water meter converter may use a base-station type radio communication network system, with the communication base station built in the central area, and coverage radius designed as 1000M. Electromagnetic water meters communicate with the base station within a closer distance (SRD mode), by us e of an opened frequency range — 928MHZ
American standard. The base station, via GPRS or CDMA mobile communication network, realizes data communication with the supervisory computer. In addition, the FEF-SE14 electromagnetic water meter converter may, via GPRS or CDMA mobile communication network, directly realize data communication with the supervisory computer. (Please see communication instructions for further information about GPRS communication) ; Designed with IP68-level seal protection for its die-cast aluminum case, the FEF Electromagnetic water meter converter is particularly applicable for damp environment, for example, underground mine.

Performance indexes

■ Ambient temperature-2050
Ambient humidity 95%
■ Level of protection for case:
■ Measuring range of flow rate:
--- 15m/s
■ Medium conductivity: clean water >
20 μs/cm
■ Range of nominal diameters measurable
■ Accuracy grade of sensors: Grade 0.5, grade 0.2
■ Measurable parameters: instantaneous flow rate, instantaneous flow velocity
■ Recordable parameters: accumulative total of flow, record of 32 events Test alarm parameters: Fluid
empty-tube test alarm, Exciting current test alarm Battery capacity test alarm
■ Calibrated output signal: Flow and impulse per unit volume
■ Radio communication mode:


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