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Ultrasonic level meter calibration

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 Ultrasonic level meter calibration

The ultrasonic level meter should be calibrate indoor before installation to ensure the normal performance.

General Consideration

The HLUB series ultrasonic level meter is 4-wire level meter, please wire the instrument according to the description nearby the terminals. If the instrument is powered by DC24V, please make sure that the current is not less than 70 mA.

Let the probe be perpendicular to a wall, and make sure the measuring distance is larger than the blacking distance, and no barriers within the beam angle zone.

Wiring and connecting the instrument correctly according to the guideline.

Turn on the power and after a few seconds the instrument will enter the running mode. And check the level value ,the empty value and the temperature value in turn through SEL key.

Move the probe slowly, the level value and the empty value should change slowly accordingly.

Press SEL and MOV keys simultaneously and then enter the operating mode. Advising the installation height value, the displayed level value and empty value should change accordingly.

Advising the full distance value, and the output current should change, too. The output current of ultrasonic level meter is always in accordance with the level value.

Advising the limit value, and test with a multi-meter whether the relays act in correct time delay.


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