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Problem in Steam Flow meter

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 Problem in Steam Flow meter

Saturated steam is widely used, the quality of each production of saturated steam is also different. We usually use dry degree to measure saturated steam quality.

Dry degree refers to the percentage of moisture in saturated steam, the best is dry saturated steam, we general call it micro overheating saturated steam, moisture content can be neglected.

The wet saturated steam which has poor dry degree, water content up to 30%.

This is a problem we call saturated steam "two phase flow".

Because any steam flow meter can only measure flow of steam, unable to measure flow of water, hence it is difficult to measure wet saturated steam.

We recommend to improves the saturated steam quality to ensure the measurement.

Common mass flow unit of saturated steam and superheated steam is kg/h.

Mass flow and steam density are concerned, and steam density is directly affected by pressure and temperature.

During steam measurement, along with the steam pressure and temperature changes, density also with change, it makes the mass flow rate also with change.

If measuring instrument can't track this kind of change, it will be bound to cause the measurement error.

Therefore, in the steam metering process,pressure and temperature compensation are needed to compensate the density.

Many users response that the steam flow measurement instrument measurement is not accurate, this is because the selection is not correct .

In peak season and slack season, the amount of steam which is used is quite different, steam flow meter is hardly to adjust that wide flow range.

Some users can not provide the accurate flow range to the factory, and it may lead to wrong model selection.

The correct selection is to choose the steam flow meter which can meet the actual measurement demand.

Therefore, a correct choice of steam flowmeter is very important.


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