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Magnetic Flow meter Principles

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1. Operation Principles

Magnetic Flow meter is perfect to measure low-conductive liquid, grout and slurry.

This Flow meter is accurate measuring, no pressure loss and no moving or extruding parts, wear and corrosive resistance, can be installed in any pipelines.

Can be used in Chemical, Pharmacy and cosmetic fields, Municipal water supply, swage plant, food and paper factory.

2. Measuring Principles

Electromagnetic Flow meter applies Faraday’s Low of Magnetic Induction Law that is when the inductive fluids flow the instrument pipe which is perpendicular to the magnetic direction, Electromotive force is generated, refer to the diaphragm.


Signal Voltage is measured by the symmetrically distributed two electrodes, Signal Voltage UE and magnetic field intensity B, Electrodes distance D and average velocity V are directly proportional, Magnetic Field Intensity B and Electrodes distance D is constant, it means that signal Voltage UE and average velocity V is inversely proportional. From the volumetric flow calculation formula to see UE~ qv, that is signal voltage is proportional to volumetric flow.

UE= Signal Voltage

B=Magnetic Field Intensity

D= Distance between electrodes

V=Average velocity

qv=Volumetric flow

3. Flow meter Design

Electromagnetic Flow meter measuring system consists of a converter and a sensor, sensor is installed in the required pipeline, while converter can be installed in the field or other place (that is remote Version)

If it is compact design, sensor and converter integrally constructed.

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