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How to choose steam flowmeter

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How to choose steam flowmeter

Industrial production in the steam metering is a very important link, related to enterprise production cost accounting.


mainly has the following several ways to choose the proper steam flow meter


1. Thermal power plant will sell steam to users: this kind of situation will require accurate measurement of steam, inaccurate measurement will bring both sides loss.

2. Contract energy management, also known as contracting boiler, manufacturers buy steam

3. Thermal power plant steam metering

4. Factory steam steam metering

Because of steam flowmeter used for the trade settlement, and charging amount is not a small amount of money, the quality of steam flowmeter is very important.


How to choose a good steam flowmeter, for the following description:


1. First before buying, purchasing personnel and technical personnel need to communicate, provide the type of steam, steam temperature, pressure, steam pipe size, the user's steam, charge of pipeline and installation steam table position, and so on, tell instrument factory, whether they can have ability to guarantee steam measurement requirements.

2. If some situation is not clear, Instrument manufacturing technicians need to in the field.

3. Reading the instructions carefully before installation steam flow time to, if have any questions, require help from the instruments factory at any time

4. After installation ,the steam flowmeter need some protection, don't let steam flowmeter exposed in the wind and rain place,

5.Steam flowmeter need regular inspection & replacement

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