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The Electromagnetic flow meter negative causes and treatment

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The Electromagnetic flowmeter negative causes and treatment:

The Electromagnetic flowmeter are widely used in conductive liquid medium flow detection. As following is a brief introduction by FTD Automation Instruments Factory technicians, if Electromagnetic flow meter indicates negative causes during the installation or operation, here is the reason with and treatment methods .

The Electromagnetic flowmeter traffic negative may have the following reasons :

1, the sensor is not identified by the flow of installation, resulting in the opposite direction to the measurement .

   Treatment methods: re-install .

2, the sensor signal line reversed electromagnetic flowmeters are pros and cons to the flow measurement function displays the reverse flow .

    Processing methods: the signal line exchange.

3, the measurement pipe air traffic control or not full of tubes, the presence of gas . The flowmeter will display negative or flow value suddenly high or small .

    Processing methods: the pipeline filled with the measured medium , the flow meter with the measuring conditions .

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