FDRD-54 Pulse Radar Level Instrument


Features: Horn antenna, stronger echo signal.
Application: Able to adapt to environment with complex process and conditions, and measurement of low. dielectric constant.
Max Measurement Range: 70m
Measurement Accuracy: ±20mm
Process Connection: Flange 316L
Antenna Material: Stainless steel 316L /PTFE
Process Temperature: -40…200°C
Process Pressure: -1.0…40bar
Frequency Range: 6GHz
Signal Output: Two-wire/four-wire 4…20mA/HART

FDRD54 Detailed Description:

P Standard (Non-explosion-proof)
I  Intrinsically Safe (Exia IIC T6)
C Intrinsically Safe+Ship Approval (Exia IIC T6)
G Intrinsically Safe+Flameproof (Exd [ia]ia IIC T6)

Shape of Antenna/Material
F Horn Antenna 150/ Stainless Steel 316L
G Horn Antenna 200/ Stainless Steel 316L
H Horn Antenna 200 Extension/ Stainless Steel 316L

Antenna Extension
A No
B 200mm
C 500mm
D 1000mm
X Special Design

Process Connection/Material
FB flange DN150  PN1.6 stainless steel 316L (GB/T9119-2000)
FC flange DN200  PN1.6 stainless steel 316L (GB/T9119-2000)
YP Special Design

Seal/Process Temperature
2 Viton/-40~+130℃
3 Kalrez/-20~+130℃
4 Viton/-40~+200℃ with cooling fins (Select if the process temperature > 100℃)
5 Kalrez/-20~+200℃ with cooling fins (Select if the process temperature > 100℃)

Electronic Components
B (4~20)mA/HART Two-wire
C (4~20)mA/(22.8~26.4)V DC/HART Two-wire/Four-wire
D (198~242)V AC/HART Four-wire

Housing/ Protection Level
A Aluminium /IP67
B Plastic/ IP66
D Aluminium (2 cavities)
G Stainless Steel 316L/IP67

Cable Entry
M M20x1.5

Display/ Programming
A Yes
X No

A Yes
X No

Note: Intrinsically Safe+Ship Approval (Exia IIC T6) must use “A” or “B” electronic component and “G” housing; Intrinsically Safe+Flameproof (Exd [ia]ia IIC T6) must use “D” housing.

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