FDRD-55 Pulse Radar Level Instrument



The antenna of radar level instrument transmits a very narrow microwave pulse which propagates at the speed of light in space. When meeting the dielectric surface to be measured, part of its energy is reflected and received by the same antenna. The time interval of transmitting and receiving pulses is proportional to the distance between antenna and dielectric surface to be measured, and therefore the distance between antenna and dielectric surface to be measured can be calculated. 


The radar level instrument uses up to 26GHz transmitting frequency, so it has:
-Small beam angle (min 5º), centralized energy and stronger antijamming capability which have significantly improved the measurment accuracy and reliability;
-Small antenna size which facilitates installation and addition of protective devices for antenna such as a dust-proof cover;
-Smaller unmeasurable zone which can help to obtain good results for measuing small tanks;
-Shorter wavelength which is more suitable for level measurement of small particulate matters.
With advanced microprocessor and unique EchoDiscovery echo processing technology, the radar level instrument can be applied to various complex working conditions.
In the pulse mode, the radar level instrument has very low transmitting power, can be installed in various metal and nonmetal containers, and has no damage to human body and the environment.

Application:Level measurement in liquids,especially erosive liquids, under easy process condition
Measurement Range:10m
Measurement Accuracy:±3mm
Process Connection:G11/2A
Antenna Material:PVDF
Process Temperature:-40...130°C
Process Pressure:-1.0...3bar
Frequency Range:26GHz
Signal Output:2-wire/4-wire/4...20mA/HART

Explosion Proof Approval       
P   Standard(Without Approval)
I   Intrinsically Safe(Exia IIC T6)
C   Intrinsically Safe+Ship Approval(Exia IIC T6)
G   Intrinsically Safe+Flameproof Approval(Exd [ia]ia IIC T6)

Shape of Antenna/Material
B (R version)sealed horn/PTFE/(-40~130)℃

Process Material
GP (F)Thread G1½A
NP (F)Thread 1½NPT
FA (L)Flange DN50/PTFE
FX Special design

Antenna Extension
A  100mm
B   200mm

B  4...20mA HART(2-Wire)
C  4...20mA/24VDCK10%,220VACK10%/4-Wire
D  4...20mA/24VDCK10%,220VACK10%/HART(4-Wire)

Housing/Protection/Protection for Antenna
A   Aluminium/IP67
B   Plastic/IP66
D   Aluminium (2-chamber)/IP67
G   Stainless Steel316L/IP67

Cable Entry
M   M20x1.5
N   ½NPT

A  Yes
X  No

Note: Intrinsically Safe+Ship Approval(Exia IIC T6) be used for “A” and “B” must use “D” housing;
          Intrinsically Safe+Flameproof Approval(Exd [ia]ia IIC T6) must use “D” housing.


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