FEF Electromagnetic Flowmeter (Intelligent)

FEF Electromagnetic Flowmeter (Intelligent) is a kind of full intelligent type flowmeter that adopts the most advanced technology in the world and be researched and developed by our company with the high accuracy, high reliability, good stability and long service life performance. We are very careful and strict with every step during the product structure design, material selection, manufacturing process, production assembly and leave the factory test etc, and also design a suit of most advanced production equipment and calibration device of real flow in china at present, thus to ensure a long term high quality in software and hardware. The special designed backlight Chinese LCD of Electromagnetic Flowmeter (intelligence) with advantage of completed and practical function, displaying directly, convenient in operation to reduce the trouble of installation and maintenance. 


Common Features: 

1:No moving parts in the measuring pipe to facilitate maintenance and management, so sensor has long service life; no obstacle parts, so no pressure loss.
2:Conductivity of measured liquid can reach at least 5 S/cm with various liner materials, which is applicable to measuring acid & alkali & salt solution, slurry, ore slurry, pulp, etc.
3:High accuracy, generally ±0.5%, ±0.3% and ±0.2%.
4:Amend nonlinearity of meter factor to improve measuring accuracy.
5:Wide measuring range, turndown ratio can reach 50:1. Furthermore, electromagnetic flowmeter is only proportional to average flow velocity of measured fluid and not related with flow state (laminar flow or turbulent flow) under the axisymmetric distribution.
6:LCD backlight display, modify parameter online, simple and convenient operation.

7:Low straight pipe requirement, so meter operating normally just needs upstream for 5D and downstream for 3D can ensure.


Products are widely applied in water industry (tap water, industrial water and sewage disposal), metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, papermaking, electric power, pharmacy, food industry, etc. 

Technical Parameter:

StructureType: Pipe Type

Accuracy: ±0.5%,±0.3%,±0.2%

Repeatability: 0.17%0.1%0.07%

Rated Pressure:  
GB 0.25MPa0.6MPa1.0MPa1.6MPa 4.0MPaDIN PN16PN25PN40PN63
JIS 10K20K40K 
ANSI  Class150
Special Pressure: Customizable 

Medium Temperature:
E  Grade: 0~60
H  Grade: 0~160

Electrode Type:Four pieces Electrode design(2pcs for measuring, and 2pcs for grounding)

Diameter: Pipe Type DN10~DN3200
Electrode: 316L, pt, HB, HC, Ta,


Flange: Carbon Steel (Common), Stainless Steel (Optional)
Body: Carbon Steel (Common), Stainless Steel (Optional)

Meter Head: Die Casting Aluminum

Power Supply: 220VAC(85~265VAC,45~63Hz)/24VDC(18~36VDC)    
Output Signal: 4-20mA , Pulse Output, Modbus RS-485,Hart, Profibus-DP,

Explosion Proof: ExdExdemib ⅡC T3~6

Protection Grade: IP67, IP68

Flow Direction: Forward and Reverse

Ambient Temperature: -25~60
Storage: -40~60

Relative Humidity: 5~90%
Alarm (normal open): Empty Pipe, Excitation, Upper & Lower Limit

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