FH Series Digital Intelligent Pressure/Differential Pressure Transmitter is a multipurpose digitalized intelligent instrument developed by FTD Automation Instruments Limited., including capacitance pressure /differential pressure transmitter and direct-coupled pressure/fluid level transmitter. It is made on the basis of the mature and dependable sensing technology, combining the advanced single-chip computer technology and sensor digital exchange technology.

Main Features:

● High accuracy :  +/-0.075%,+/-0.1%,+/-0.25%,+/-0.5%

● No mechanical and movable parts, little maintenance work

● Span and zero continuous and adjustable from outside

● Positive shift amount to 500%; negative shift 600%

● Two-wire system 4~20mA DC

● Damping adjustable, overpressure protection

● Explosion-proof structure, all-day use

● Diaphragm materials of contacting mediums option (316L, TAN, HAS-C, MONEL, etc.)

● smart HART protocol

Function Parameters:

▲ Service: liquid, gasand steam

▲ Measuring range :0~0.06 kPa to 0~40Mpa

▲ Output signal : 4~20mADC (four-wire 220V AC power supply, 0~10mA DC output for special)

▲ Power supply : 12~45VDC, generally 24V DC

▲ Features of loading:relation equation of loading impedance RL and power voltage

Vs: RL <= 50="" vs-12="" span="">

▲ Indicator :pointer-type linearity indication 0~100% scale mark or LCD indicator, LEDindicator.

▲ Explosion proof : a.explosion isolation  d II BT4

b. intrinsically safe ia II CT6

▲ Positive and negativeshifts : after positive and negative shifts of zero absolute values ofupper-and-lower-limit values of span and measuring range not exceed 100% ofupper limit of measuring range.( smart type : turn down ratio 20:1,40:1,100:1)

Maximumpositive shift is 500% of minimum adjusting span; maximum negative shift is600% of minimum adjusting span.

▲ Temperature range:amplifier operation temperature range: -29 ~ +93C

(LTtype: -25 ~ +70C); measuring component of fill silicone oil: -40 ~ +104C

flangetype transmitter fill hi-temperature silicone oil: -20 ~ +315C normal silicone oil: -40 ~ +149C

▲ Static pressure : 4,10, 25, 32Mpa

▲ Humidity : relativehumidity 0~100%

▲ Volume absorption :< 0.16cm3

▲ Damping (phase stepresponse) : For silicone oil, generally between 0.2s and1.67s, continuous andadjustable

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