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    The Electromagnetic flow meter n...
    The Electromagnetic flowmeter negative causes and treatment: The Ele...
    Vortex Flow meter principle...
      The flow measurement of vortex flow meter is according to the princ...
    Installation of Vortex flowmeter...
    Here is introducing installation Vortex flowmeter requriement. 1. I...
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    • Vortex Flow meter

      Vortex Flowmeter is a kind of stress type vortex flowmeter based on the karman vortex principle to measure flow and has the advantage of high signal-to-noise ratio, high sensitivity, good zero stability. Signal processing circuit adopts microcomputer tech

      FEF Electromagnetic Fl

      Electromagnetic Flowmeter (Intelligent) is a kind of full intelligent type flowmeter that adopts the most advanced technology in the world and be researched and developed by our company with the high accuracy, high reliability, good stability and long ser

    • FDRD-56 Pulse Radar Le

      Features: Multiple patented antennas, anticoagulation, anti-attachment, min transmitting angle: 8Solve the problem of large blind zone and multiple echo that 6G radar has in small tanks. Application:Level measurement in liquids . For example:oil tanks

      Ultrasonic level meter

      Ultrasonic level instrument is that high-frequency ultrasound pulses transmitted by the transducer (probe) are reflected when meeting the dielectric surface to be measured, and part of the reflected echoes are received by the same transducer and converted

    • Capacitance Type Press

      Capacitance type pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters with remote devices are new products. They are widely used in petrol, chemical industry, metallurgy ,power, light industry, construction material and science research,etc to realiz

      FH 308 Smart Diffusive

      FH 308 Series pressure transmitters choose import diffusive silicon type and ceramics type pressure sensor with high quality as sensitive components, and employ application-specific integrated module, through fine temperature shift, zero and non-linearity

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